10+ Moving Tips from Office Movers for Moving Your Business
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10+ Moving Tips from Office Movers for Moving Your Business

You’ve moved to a new workplace! It can be a big project to move your office, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Moving day can be exciting and enjoyable if you plan, organize and follow the advice.

Our team of experienced commercial and office movers has some great tips to make sure that your move goes smoothly.

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  • Nominate a move manager
    It is important that someone be in charge and be the primary point of contact with all parties involved. This role is typically taken by an administrative assistant or office supervisor. In larger companies, it may be necessary to assign someone to each department to coordinate the move.
  • Working with the IT team early
    Discuss your relocation project at least three months before the move. It will take them more time to backup data, to change subscription details, and to have discussions with vendors.

It is important to not arrive at your new office only to find out that the phone lines and internet are not connected.

  • Schedule client meetings & deadlines properly
    Do not schedule meetings on the weekends. You don’t want clients to see a messy, disorganized office.

During the first few weeks, remind your co-workers to tell anyone who comes to your new office about your new address. Don’t assume that everyone knows. Do not let an important client show up in your old office.

Plan your move during a time when there aren’t any major deadlines. Your sales team should not be rushing to submit a tender while your moving company is removing their desks and computers.

  • Hire Professional Commercial Movers
    It may be possible to move your home yourself if you ask friends and family for help, especially if there is not much furniture.

It is best to hire a professional Auckland moving company for business relocation projects. The majority of employees are not trained, do not have the desire to move valuables and furniture for their company. It is easy for things to get damaged or missing and you may not notice until months later.

The office relocation process is not something that most employees enjoy, and it can cause resentment. This takes time from your co-workers who could be working on important business tasks.

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  • Understanding the Office Moving Quote
    Before you confirm the contract, it is important that you discuss your needs with any potential office movers.

It is important to make sure that the moving company you choose understands all of your requirements, and that their quote adequately addresses them.

Does packing include materials? What about packing materials? Will they move the large filing cabinet? How many people are going to be moving? How many trucks or lorries will you need?

Be wary of moving quotes that are too low. A higher quote may not mean you will get better service. If you don’t want your boxes moved to the first floor, they should not start charging hidden fees.

  • Talk about moving bulky items such as safes and large cabinets
    Don’t assume that the quote includes the entire furniture of your office. Certain bulky items, such as pianos, safes and large cabinets require specific training and equipment. Not all moving companies have this. Discuss these issues with your moving company. Make sure they understand what’s expected of them at both your old and new offices.
  • Inform the Building Management about Your Move
    There are different rules for moving into and out of a building. Consult your building’s management to make sure you are fully covered. Some offices require a deposit while others restrict movement on certain days or times of the day. Check with your existing office and the new space you are moving into.
  • Inform Customers & Suppliers
    Tell your customers and vendors about your new address a minimum of one week before you move. It may take some time for them to update the details of your move in their databases or management systems.
  • Update your website & online portals with a new address
    Your online assets are as important in the 21st century as they are in the real world. Don’t forget to update your address on all online properties, such as Facebook or Google My Business. You should inform your digital marketing agency of your impending move so they can update your details.
  • Label and Number Your Boxes
    Make sure that every box is clearly marked and numbered. It will make it easier for you and your staff to get settled in your new office. This will also make it clear if any boxes are lost during the move. Consider assigning numbers to each workstation so that you can be sure everything is returned to the original location in your new office. Some of our clients who are moving have drawn a floor plan or map of their new offices, and labeled each box with the details. This helps them to know where they should place these boxes in the new office.
  • You can dispose of furniture properly by arranging for proper disposal.
    You will have to dispose of your old office furniture if you are not taking your desks, workstations or chairs with you.

You can also have a conversation with your landlord to find out if your new tenant is interested in your old furniture. You can leave the furniture behind if they want it. You will have to hire furniture disposal services to remove your office furniture ethically and responsibly if they don’t.

Before we begin…

  • Do not throw away anything without first checking with the accounting department
    Do not throw anything away!

If you are planning to get rid of some items, check with your accountant. Before you can dispose of larger items like computers or workstations, they must be properly reported in their financial reports. You don’t want IRAS to chase your company over any discrepancies.

  • Move Non-Essentials First
    You want to minimize downtime in your office as much as you can. You should move your non-essential items first, so your colleagues can keep working until the big day. Keep the important items, such as printers or computers, until moving day.
  • Make sure your data is properly secured at all times
    In the modern age, data is essential to any business. Before moving, you should ensure that your IT department has performed all necessary backups. Don’t put all of your backups together. You may have physical backups as well as backups on the cloud. It is a good idea to review your data backup strategy to make sure it adheres to the current best practices.

External hard drives require extra care. Moving them from one location to another can cause damage to their moving parts. Data corruption can be caused by damaged drives.

If you find that your data was stolen or improperly accessed while moving, then you need to make a police complaint as soon as possible. It is especially important if your data is sensitive, as has been the case with recent high-profile data breaches in Auckland.

  • Safety First is the priority.
    Safety is not something to take for granted. This message should be repeated repeatedly on moving day. Some companies will assign a safety officer, depending on the amount of furniture that needs to be relocated. This person is responsible for ensuring everyone adheres to safety rules.

It is understandable that some employees want to assist, but it’s best to leave heavy desks and printers to the professionals. In case of minor injuries, you should also have a first-aid kit on hand.

  • Celebrate Your New Office Space
    Celebrate your new office with a party! You should celebrate the move with your colleagues. Enjoy yourself with snacks and drinks. Take photos.
  • Have you enjoyed these tips from our office movers?
    Our office moving experts have some great tips for you.

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