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To maintain their health and extend their life expectancy, it is important to take good care of the trees around you. Professional tree services may be required to maintain your trees because you might not be able do it yourself.

Hiring an arborist can have a big impact on the health and growth of your trees. You should consider hiring an arborist if you think your trees need some attention.

It is important to not take the decision of hiring an arborist lightly. You could put both the landscaping and the person doing the work in danger if you don’t research. A person who is not qualified may not be insured or have the knowledge, skills and training necessary to perform the required tree services.

You should only work with tree care companies that are licensed and insured. You should not only look for a licensed and registered firm that meets the requirements of the state, but also their guarantee and additional services.

Here are ten tips that you can use to select a qualified arborist.

1. Check if arborists are isa certified
Find an arborist that is a member of a professional organization, such as the International Society of Arboriculture. The arborist must demonstrate that they are committed to quality, and stay up to date with the latest best practices for trees and tree care. You can be assured that ISA certified arborists have successfully passed the ISA’s comprehensive examination on all aspects related to tree care and maintenance.

2. Get a list of reliable references.
Make sure you get references from all of the arborists that you are considering. Validate your references once you’ve obtained them. Contact the character references listed and ask about their level of expertise and services. You need to make sure that you hire the right expert to take care of your tree’s preventive maintenance. Don’t forget about Yelp or Google My Business to find reviews.

3. Get estimates from more than one tree care firm.
You should also ask for estimates from the list of potential clients. Check the bid specifications after you have checked the credentials of each firm and its staff. Look at the specifications and determine which bid has the best combination between cost, scope of the work, skills, and professionalism. The tree service provider is ultimately responsible for the investment made in your trees. You should choose a reputable and highly-trained tree service provider.

4. Never rush when you are promised a discount.
Be aware that some service providers offer a variety of discounts. You will most likely take advantage of a discount. Never rush into hiring an arborist. Make sure you understand what work needs to be performed, the price of the service, and the discount. You may want to get a discount but this should not come at the cost of quality.

5. Steer away from arborists who are excessively pruning.
Expert arborists will not recommend drastic pruning or topping trees. These practices can actually harm the trees and make them dangerous. It is better to avoid hiring them if they suggest excessive pruning. Arborists who are reputable will usually offer a variety of options that suit your tree’s condition and situation.

6. Do not allow arborists to climb your trees using spikes.
Avoid arborists that use spikes or thorns to care for the tree. Tree-climbing spurs and spikes can wound trees, allowing insects and diseases to enter. They can weaken trees, or worse, cause them to die.

7. Be wary of door-knockers, flyers, or cold calls.
You should only hire a professional tree service provider if you are an expert. You should know what services you require and the type of service you are looking for. Also, you should verify that the company has a specialization in your area. Choose a tree service that is reputable and can provide the care your trees need to stay healthy and beautiful. Check references and reviews.

8. Invest in an arborist with a fair market rate.
It isn’t cheap to do good tree work, but you should invest in a company that charges a fair price. Reputable arborists have insurance, are licensed and use expensive specialized equipment. The standard rate is fair because of this. You should be wary of extremely low estimates, as they may not provide quality services. It is also important to compare multiple bids so that you can get an idea of the market.

9. Check and get proof of insurance and license.
You should always check the licenses and insurance of any service providers you intend to hire. The license must indicate that the company is registered and in compliance with state regulations. The certificate of insurance must also detail the worker’s compensation coverage and general liability, in case of damage to personal property.

10. Never hire the cheapest estimate.
As a general rule, you shouldn’t hire the service provider who offers the lowest estimate. Low estimates may indicate a lack of professionalism or credentials such as insurance. They can also have hidden costs. Avoid such offers at all costs!

The market is full of different tree service providers. Be sure to research the service provider and use the tips above before hiring them. For more info – https://www.clearfell.co.nz/tree-removal-north-shore/

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