14 Jul, 2024

Choosing Interior Garage Paint Colors

The garage is the perfect place to paint your home. The garage is where you keep your vehicles, your seasonal items and any other items you aren’t sure where to store. The paint color and the type of paint that you choose for your Garage is important. Before you grab the first can of paint, there are some […]

9 mins read

What Should You Know About GIB stopping

In the world of interior plastering, GIB Boards go by the name Plasterboards. The most amazing thing about them is that they are made of 100% eco-friendly paper and natural gypsum. GIB stops involve installing plasterboard, internal wall plastering, skimming the walls, texture removal and interior painting. If you have plasterboard ceilings and walls, GIB […]

3 mins read

Tips for Painting Your House Exterior

House Painting, for example, is a project that should not be taken lightly. Take a firm stance, arm yourself with your arsenal, and prepare to go into battle. Most importantly, have fun and relax (if you can). Here’s how to Paint Your Own House while maintaining your sanity and producing good work. Each side of the house […]

4 mins read