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Moving to a new location is both exciting and overwhelming. Packing household items is a difficult task that most homeowners find daunting. They seem to live in nightmares, considering the time, effort, and risks involved. You must be very careful when packing fragile items, antiques of high value, and bulky goods to avoid damage or loss. This handy guide will help you to end your packing problems for good and reduce the stress of house removals.

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Sort and Categorise your Items

Sorting and categorizing household items according to their utility is the key to easy packing. You can search your closets, furniture, and necessities to eliminate unwanted items. There are better ideas than cluttering your new home with useless things. Instead, please spend a few hours sorting out your belongings and categorizing them according to their utility and use. To make the house moving in Birmingham easy, follow the same process for books, paper, shoes, and stationery.

Equip yourself with the Right Packing Tools.

Packing should be tailored to each household item. You must prepare for your move by acquiring the necessary tools and supplies. This will protect your possessions from breakage, damage, or loss.

What you need to know about packing household items.

  • Boxes of different sizes and sturdy cartons
  • Packing tapes
  • Good adhesives
  • Labels and markers
  • Newspapers
  • Bubble wrap and plastics

How to pack different household items

To make the house removal process more accessible, investing time in categorizing household items and packaging them is essential. What a reputable removal company in Birmingham recommends:

Electronics and Sensitive Items

  • For better packing, get original packaging boxes (if there are any).
  • Keep earphones, batteries, chargers, and other accessories in a sealed box.
  • To minimize damage, desktops and other computer components should be packaged in separate cartons.
  • Follow the instructions in the manual for your appliance.
  • Double-wrap electronics with high-quality, durable glass screens to prevent them from breaking.

Kitchenware & Utilities

  • Pack fragile items like cups, dishes, and plates in enough newspapers, then cover them with bubble wrap. Newspapers are the first line of defense, and bubble wrap will protect your fragile items.
  • Glass containers and cutlery must be packaged with extra packaging.
  • Birmingham’s expert removalists recommend placing enough newspaper between the cups, bowls, and plates to minimize the chances of them chipping.
  • Wrap the cutlery, other utility items, and bundles in bubble wrap.

Daily Necessities and Small Furniture

  • Pack your daily essentials in the correct size boxes and label them appropriately.
  • Remember to place a cloth on the surface of your car to protect it from scratches.
  • Double stack all your belongings in the moving truck, and seal any containers containing liquids.
  • Mark the boxes to know what’s inside when you unpack them.


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