10 End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips to Save Your Bacon
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10 End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips to Save Your Bacon

In our cleaning service for the end of tenancy service for Auckland as well as beyond, we often discover that there are many minor things to keep in mind over and above the normal cleaning routine. This is a particular scenario that has high expectations of an impeccable clean to allow a new tenant to take over. This usually requires quick and in compliance with the documents such as the tenancy agreement or inventory.

So here are our top 10 Cleaners’ top tips for you to consider when you’re faced with this type of cleaning up after the end of tenancy:

1. Remember the Rubbish

It is likely to accumulate faster than you imagine especially when you begin exploring storage spaces. Alongside the usual bin bags full of garbage You may also have old furniture or cardboard boxes and boxes, so make sure they are easily taken away or put away.

2. Access all Areas

Every little bit counts, whether it’s old storage spaces under the stairs or cabinets or even outdoor areas and garages. Additionally, you can have an outside patios and car parking areas in addition to the standard interior spaces.

It is also important to ensure that the access to your property is secure with all keys or alarm codes readily shared and agreed upon with owners or other contractors.

3. Take care of Documentation

This is the most important aspect to an successful agreements for the end of tenancy cleaning. It is the primary reason the majority of rental deposits are questioned by managers and landlords because they believe that the quality of the clean-up performed by the tenant who has left isn’t adequate.

A tenancy agreement requires careful examination to identify what exactly is required before deciding on any final cleaning checklists and schedules made together with your cleaner.

4. Timing is Key

A quick clean-up towards the final stage of the work is essential prior to any formal handover date, so ensure that this is completed in a timely manner.

Also, be prepared for any unexpected issues or problems and generally getting slower in the hustle and bustle of current occupation, which includes packing and getting ready for departure.

5. High Expectations

The bar is very high expectations, especially from an incoming tenant or the principal landlord.

A tenant who is moving out may perform a decent clean that, under normal circumstances, would suffice, but in this particular situation, extra effort is necessary to make sure everything is clean and smells oh-so clean to the new tenant.

6. In Depth Cleaning

This expectation is likely to be passed on to deep cleaning in some instances instead of only looking and smelling fresh and clean.

The ovens and kitchen appliances could require an extra effort as well as additional carpet cleaning when there is a stain or clutter to be cleared. Window cleaning could also require a professional to get access to those areas that are high or outside.

7. Damages & Forgotten Goods

When a sanitizer breezes through it is easy to spot items that aren’t right. Perhaps it’s a broken ornament or tenant personal items that were left behind.

As with an inventory system, this could give valuable feedback to the landlord as well as the managing agent for resolving issues problems with the tenant who is leaving.

8. Short Term Lets

As well as traditional AST lets, there’s a new category of extremely short-term almost overnight rentals, especially through intermediaries such as Airbnb.

Also, ensure that these rules are clearly understood, with the volume and frequency of work are can be accommodated.

9. Furnishing Right

At the end of the cleaning the house must look slick. Make sure you go the extra mile to ensure you do, whether that’s neatly stacked towels in your bedroom or a bouquet of fresh flowers inside the kitchen.

It’s not necessarily the cleaning person’s job However, it’s a good idea to ask and find out if they’ve any suggestions and ideas.

10. People Count

There are a lot of interested in this area from landlords and managing agents and estate agent, in turn, actual tenants themselves as well as other contractors.

Be aware of who’s involved and who is in charge Find genuine ways to aid others.

Effective End of Tenancy Cleaning

So, before any cleaning is scheduled and completed at the time of the lease’s expiration be sure that the appropriate people are involved, that the documents are adhered to schedules, time-frames, and checklists are negotiated to ensure everything is in top condition. This will ensure that everything is running smoothly and there aren’t any nasty surprises. https://www.ceilingcleaningauckland.co.nz/tenancy-cleaning-auckland/

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